We could not achieve the same level of search engine marketing, web design, or content management, using any other company.

— Ricardo Molina, Mixertrucks.com

Online Marketing Solutions


We design solutions that connect businesses with consumers.

How your customers search
When they search
Where they search

How do you win today's customer?
Understanding your average customer
Understading today's digital world
Understanding how to reach consumers
Targeting your audience
Winning when it matters - capturing business

Experienced search engine marketing companies know that users search for products, services, and information using a wide variety of search queries and query types. Layered Promotion performs keyword research to determine which search queries people actually use. For example, when searching for car lifts for sale, some users may type in multi-level garage as a search query. Such users may not even know that a company specializing in this product exists until they perform that search. Or, if they have at one time learned about such a company, they might not remember enough about it to seek out the company’s website directly.

That's Not All

Layered Promotion provides mobile application development, tablet application development, intranet, extranet, portal development and much more.

We can assist with goal setting in social marketing. There are several challenges and hurdles faced in social media marketing and also various ways to leverage social media marketing to achieve specific goals.

Layered Promotion can assist with the following.

  • Using Blogs to Communicate, Influence, and Learn from Your Constituents
  • Goal Setting in a Social Environment
  • Networking and Implementing Strategy
  • Leaving Your Mark: How to Rock the Social Bookmarking Space