We could not achieve the same level of search engine marketing, web design, or content management, using any other company.

— Ricardo Molina, Mixertrucks.com

Layer - Link Building

Layer - Link Building

many of the inbound links to your site will use your company name as the anchor text, and very few links will be given to other websites using your company name as the anchor text. Links to your web site, inbound links, enhance discoverability of your products and services. You need to ensure you have a strong market presence. creating brand awareness today can also help you in the future. Consumers who become aware of your brand now, even if they aren’t actively seeking your product or service, are likely to remember you in the future and seek you out when they actually do need your product or service. If you leave a positive first impression on your diverse audience, you will likely reap benefits from exposing it to your product early, especially since one of the key ideas of social media marketing is recommendations: the idea behind social media is that friends recommend links, websites, and products to their peers. Link building is an offsite promotional tactic to build quality links from other websites to improve rankings. This layer involves link building and networking through the use of inbound links. The highest quality, PageRanked sites ared used in listings. We know which tactics work and those that don't. We manage and enhance your reputation through the social web and beyond.

That's Not All

Layered Promotion provides mobile application development, tablet application development, intranet, extranet, portal development and much more.

We can assist with goal setting in social marketing. There are several challenges and hurdles faced in social media marketing and also various ways to leverage social media marketing to achieve specific goals.

Layered Promotion can assist with the following.

  • Using Blogs to Communicate, Influence, and Learn from Your Constituents
  • Goal Setting in a Social Environment
  • Networking and Implementing Strategy
  • Leaving Your Mark: How to Rock the Social Bookmarking Space