We could not achieve the same level of search engine marketing, web design, or content management, using any other company.

— Ricardo Molina, Mixertrucks.com

Layer - Link Building


Most companies rank well for their company name. many of the inbound links to your site will use your company name as the anchor text, and very few links will be given to other websites using your company name as the anchor text. If you sell solar panels, you will want to rank well for the search term solar panels. When users see you ranking highly on that search term, they will assume you are one of the best places to buy solar panels. SEO for branding is about ranking highly for the generic search terms that relate to the purpose of your website. There’s a very common saying in the search engine marketing sphere: content is king. In other words, you can write everything and your visitors will come. You can start a blog and just keep writing. Eventually, people will find you and become loyal followers. You can write an exhaustive article on a topic about which you are incredibly knowledgeable, and hope that the right people eventually discover that article and share it with their friends. That is the meaning of the “content is king” mantra. This idea by itself, however, is not entirely true. The bottom line is that you can’t just write something and let it sit there. How will people find your content if you don’t disperse it appropriately to the right communities, or if you don’t share it with anyone at all? The key takeaway is that marketing is part of the mix, and if you are producing content in the online realm, it is crucial to leverage the social media community to spread that message and share the information with the individuals who will absorb it and pass it on. I’ll end this section with another important quote, from Michael Gray, a search engine optimization expert: Building quality content without [marketing] is like locking William Shakespeare in a room to write for himself.

That's Not All

Layered Promotion provides mobile application development, tablet application development, intranet, extranet, portal development and much more.

We can assist with goal setting in social marketing. There are several challenges and hurdles faced in social media marketing and also various ways to leverage social media marketing to achieve specific goals.

Layered Promotion can assist with the following.

  • Using Blogs to Communicate, Influence, and Learn from Your Constituents
  • Goal Setting in a Social Environment
  • Networking and Implementing Strategy
  • Leaving Your Mark: How to Rock the Social Bookmarking Space